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Green Heaven offers a wide range of healthy big palm trees all throughout the India. We proudly claim to be one of the reputed big palm tree suppliers in Kolkata. Being in the industry for more than 24 years, we have provided first class service to our clients.

We specialize in providing various types of palm trees,

  1. Adonidia Merrillii Golden
  2. Bismarcka Nobillis
  3. Butia Capitata
  4. Butia Yatay
  5. Caryota Mitis
  6. Caryota Urens
  7. Cycad Revolute
  8. Cycad Circinalis
  9. Crytostachys Renda
  10. HyophorbeLagenicaulis
  11. Latania Loddigelsi
  12. Latania Lontaroides
  13. Licuala Spinosa
  14. Phoenix Sylvestris
  15. Ravanea Rivularis
  16. Rhapsis Humilis
  17. Roystonea Regia
  18. Wodyetia Bifurcate

If you are looking for efficient palm tree suppliers in Kolkata, then we are here to provide you with the most healthy palm trees. We provide our services to both domestic as well as commercial clients at real affordable rates.

Palm Trees- Excellent Choice for

The palm trees are an ideal choice for landscaping your garden. They have the ability to add distinctiveness and boost aesthetic appeal of any kind of garden. The palm trees have intricate texture and are considered as the most preferred plants for landscaping in both tropical as well as subtropical areas. The beauty and diversity of the palm trees are matchless.

The palm trees grow very tall because their buds keep generating new leaves. They are also a good source of food and shelter in most of the tropical realms. Our website is the perfect destination to buy big palm trees in India. All the information is given along with the pictures to help you make an informed decision.


Adonidia Merrillii

Adonidia is a monotypic genus of flowering plants in the

Adonidia Merrillii Golden


Bismarckia is a monotypic genus of flowering plant in the palm family endemic to western and northern

Bismarcka Nobillis


Butia capitata, also known as Jelly Palm, is a palm native to Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay.This palm grows up to

Butia Capitata


Butia yatay is a palm native to southern Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and northern Argentina.

Butia Yatay


Caryota is a genus of palm trees. They are often known as fishtail palms because of the shape of their leaves.

Caryota Mitis


Caryota urens is a species of flowering plant in the palm family from the Indian Subcontinent and

Caryota Urens


Cycas revoluta (king sago, sago cycad, Japanese sago palm), is a species of gymnosperm in the family

Cycad Revolute


Cycas circinalis, also known as the queen sago, is a type of cycad.Cycas circinalis is the only

Cycad Circinalis


Cyrtostachys renda, also known by the common names red

Cyrtostachys Renda


Hyophorbe lagenicaulis, known commonly as the Bottle Palm

Hyophorbe Lagenicaulis


The Blue Latan Palm (Latania loddigesii) is a species of flowering plant in the Arecaceae family.

Latania Loddigesli


The Red Latan Palm (Latania lontaroides) is a species of flowering plant in the Arecaceae family.

Latania Lontaroides


Licuala spinosa, the Mangrove Fan Palm, is a species of palm in the genus Licuala. The plant is native

Licuala Spinosa


Phoenix sylvestris (sylvestris - Latin, of the forest) also known as Silver Date Palm or Sugar Date

Phoenix Sylvestris


Ravenea rivularis is an endangered species of flowering plant in the Arecaceae family.The extremely elegant

Ravenea Rivularis


Rhapis is a genus of about 10 species of small palms native to southeastern Asia from southern Japan

Rhapis Humilis


Roystonea regia, commonly known as the Cuban royal palm, Florida royal palm, or simply the royal palm is

Roystonea Regia


The Foxtail Palm (Wodyetia bifurcata) is a species of flowering plant in the Arecaceae family. When, in 1978

Wodyetia Bifurcate

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